About us

About Us

Launching Station is a veteran owned retailer specializing in the sale of veteran owned merchandise. Our primary purpose is to bring small vetrepreneurial brands normally found online to the local community by means of traditional retail brick and mortar. We are dedicated to helping as many veterans as possible to be successful in their own business ventures. “Launching Veteran Brands”



Launching Station Values

Commitment – Our strength lies in the customers and brands we support.  We are committed to providing quality, variety and value to the customer. Simultaneously, we are committed to the growth of veteran brands, particularly the lesser known brands still up and coming.

Humility – Launching Station only exists because of the people choosing to support it.  Never expect anything, always earn it.

Appreciation – Every customer, every vendor provides the opportunity to serve them well.  They are taking a chance on us, be thankful for the opportunity.  Even if the relationship sours, always know that the growth wasn’t possible without each and every person that has crossed paths.

Many – Launching Station was not built by one, it is lifted and held by many. 

Philanthropy – Give back! Launching Station owes it to itself, its patrons and community to give back in any way possible. 

Integrity – Values are nothing without the fortitude to uphold them.  We owe it to the team and customers to be honest and forthcoming with al information.  Be true to the brand, customers and vendors.

Obvious – It should be no secret that Launching Station is veteran owned sells veteran brands and supports veteran organizations.  The very roots of the organization are veterans and will always remain its cornerstone and backbone.

Necessary – We provide not just a shopping experience, but, a place for veterans and family members to go to belong.  Launching Station is a familiar place that provides support just by walking in.  We owe it to each person to provide the feeling of belonging.